When selling tickets online, you will increase your chances of doubling your sales and maximizing your profit! Here are 4 reasons why promoters should sell tickets online!
With fans, potential guests, and online purchasers spending most of their time on websites and apps, it is important to make sure they see your upcoming event wherever they are and can immediately purchase tickets there.
This approach of selling tickets on fans’ favorite websites and platforms is called distributed commerce or event distribution. Nowadays, it is one of the most important industry trends changing how guests and fans purchase tickets over the last 5 years.
Here is one example, a fan could notice a listing for one of your upcoming events on social media or app. They can then purchase a ticket right there, without tapping or clicking to a different page.
At this point, you need to focus on websites where fans spend time as that’s how you will increase the chances of catching their interest while they are ready to make a purchase. You can expect to double your sales and maximize your profit. If you aren’t noticing any changes, it means you are falling short of your marketing or sales potential.

Why Sell Tickets Online: 4 Reasons that Prove Online Ticket Selling is The Best Selling Method

Here are 4 reasons promoters and event organizers should sell tickets online:
YOU WILL EXPAND YOUR TARGET GROUP: In order to double your ticket sales, you will need to broaden your audience beyond social media following, mailing list, and your list of previous ticket buyers. What you need to do right now is find new potential buyers to sell tickets to. The old-school method to solve this problem is broad-based advertising. However, that is not the best method to reach fans that are interested in your upcoming event and it doesn’t convert fans into buyers. Instead, we recommend you to use an ecommerce website builder like Shopify. Shopify can help you build your own online ticket store where new fans can discover your events on social media and purchase tickets without leaving the store. You will reach new fans and potential guests, and your ticket sales will grow.
YOU ARE WHERE YOUR FANS ALREADY ARE: When selling tickets online, you can catch your potential guests while they are looking at an event or social media like Facebook for something to do in near future. Most potential guests have go-to sites they prefer when making plans and it is absolutely important to sell tickets online on those websites. For example, if you sell online on Shopify, you can integrate your store with Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, and sell to your fans directly.
YOU WILL CUT COSTS AND SAVE TIME: Selling tickets on multiple websites, listing events, promoting your events, and etc. may sound like a lot of work, however, we can assure you it’s not. With a ticketing platform like Shopify, it all works automatically. You need to enter your event details, create a listing, and start selling. You can track the sales and come up with interesting ways to promote your event.
ELIMINATE BARRIERS AND LIMITATIONS TO TICKET PURCHASE:When the purchasing process is simple, people are more likely to purchase tickets. According to one research, every additional step in the checkout process results in around 10% fewer transactions. Allowing your people to purchase tickets right where they notice your event simplifies the process by avoiding unnecessary steps.
Allowing ticket purchase on a website or social media platform a user already trusts and loves aligns your event with those feelings! Happy selling!
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